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Title Napoleonic horn snuff box
Nationality French
Period 1815

This fine box (approx 3 x 2 x .75 inches), made of pressed horn, commemorates Napoleon's return from Elba in the spring of 1815. The inscription simply states: 'Retour de l'isle d'Elbe'. This has to be a contemporary item, as, after Waterloo and the second restoration of the Bourbons, no one would want to have been caught owning such an item.

The actual image commemorates the moment as he stepped forward to meet Louis XVIII's troops on the road in southern France.

The condition is excellent, although the hinge (also horn) has suffered a little damage on the inside, viz some age splits.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

[Ephemera : Miscellaneous : French : 19th Century]


I'd just like to thank you for the SS Buckle, this has to be one of the best items I have yet and am very happy with it.

L H, UK, 09.10.2012

The bayonet arrived safely this morning, it's excellent and exactly what I've been looking for, I'm very pleased with it! ... I've bookmarked your site and will keep a regular check to see what you have.

S A, UK, 05.01.2006