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Title Nicholas II naval dirk
Nationality Russian
Period c 1914
Price £750.00

This is the last, and possibly rarest, of the Russian naval dirks from the Imperial era. They were introduced sometime around the Crimean war, generally with rather longer blades and plain gilt brass fittings. This type continues with identical fittings, except that the pommel has the emperor's monogram embossed on it.

The grip is ivory (probably elephant, but just possibly walrus), with some minor age cracks to both sides. The brass fittings have lost virtually all their gilding, but the odd tiny patch remains (in particular on the crossguard and around the pommel button where it joins the pommel).

The blade has its original leather washer and has been heavily sharpened for field service. On one side of the blade, there is the cypher of Nicholas II, while on the other is the Russian double eagle. The blade is almost 9.5" long and 7/8" wide at the forte. The blade's forte is of square section and measures some 3"; thereafter the rest of the blade tapers in a diamond section. The hilt is a little loose, but could be tightened up if required.

The scabbard has a wooden base covered in calf leather with a small hole measuring 3/4" at its back (see detail photo). This could be covered with some appropriately dyed scrap of leather, but I have left it with all its age details showing.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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The painting of Alexander Pock is restored and meanwhile at his new owner, who is very content.

Thank you for your assistance to get it to Germany.

U S, Germany, 27.12.2012

Just a quick line to advise that the badges have arrived in good condition and I am very pleased with them.

Thanks again for your prompt and kind attention.

P M, Australia, 03.10.2012