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Title RAD hewer, 1st pattern (other ranks)
Nationality German
Period c 1936-45

These were worn by senior NCOs of the Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD), the Labour Corps of the Third Reich. It was a para-military organisation, dating from Weimar times, designed to expand the military - in the guise of a nominally civil organisation - while keeping army numbers down, thus fulfilling the Versailles Treaty obligations.

This, an Eickhorn make, is the first pattern with the full slab side staghorn grips. Later on, there was an officer's version with a white celluloid grip and a silvered hilt with an eagle's head pommel. However, Konstantin Hierl, who commanded the Labour Corps, throughout the war wore this pattern, with a modified hanger bar to take the straps of the officer's model.

This weapon harks back to the 16th century hauswehr, an example of which you will find on my site. The hauswehr is an ancient Teutonic peasant's general fighting / butchering knife, carried extensively in Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland from the 14th century on.

It has 40% of its original black paint finish and most of its nickel silver finish on the mounts, the bottom mount showing a certain amount of wear and some dents from use.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Picked the package up this morning. Many thanks they are great I am well pleased.

M C, UK, 30.11.2011

The bayonet arrived at 8.00 this morning! It's excellent, just what I was after and I'm well pleased with it!

S A, UK, 16.05.2006