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Title Silver pricker from cavalry full dress belt
Nationality British
Period 19th century

These came in pairs and were worn on a little silver shield, supported by about ten inches of silver chain linked to a silver boss on the bullion dress pouchbelts of the cavalry. Their original function was for clearing the touch holes on the flintlock holster pistols the officer would have carried one on each side of his horse's neck.

They were normally made in the silver trade in Birmingham and sometimes in London. Very rarely have I seen one that is hallmarked, so in theory this could date from c 1815-1939 and the end of full dress for the cavalry. They are still worn today on ceremonial occasions.

This single pricker of unmarked silver is in very nice condition, the fletches on the arrow being nicely engraved.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Chris, the PAB has arrived, a totally genuine wartime piece and I'm very pleased...

G S, UK, 05.07.2012

...the sword arrived safely today... My son, who shares my interest in antique edged weapons and for whom I bought the sword, is delighted.

G A, France, 24.01.2007