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Title St George medal, 4th class
Nationality Russian
Period c 1914
Price £140.00

This is the lowest grade of this prestigious order, Russia's principle gallantry award from the time of the Napoleonic Wars until the 1917 revolution. It shows the image of Nicholas II on the face and on the reverse 'For gallantry' is inscribed in Cyrillic, together with the class of the medal below the serial number.

The Medal for Bravery was instituted on August 3 1878 and came in four classes. When first instituted was given to NCOs and ORs for outstanding merit on the border (ie principally fighting people like Shamil in the Caucasus and possibly the Turks further west). In 1913, this was renamed the St George medal. The serial number is 309723, proof positive that this is a WW1 issue piece.

The condition of the medal is excellent. However, the short silver paperclip-type suspension is missing and the ribbon may be an accurate modern replacement in mercerised cotton.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Bayonets arrived today, very nice!

M G, Germany, 22.06.2009

Bayonets arrived safe today. Nice bayonets. Thanks for the good and fast delivery.

M G, Germany, 19.09.2007