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Title Deutsch Kreuz in gold, cased
Nationality German
Period 1941-5

This was instituted in Sept. 1941 to recognise bravery of the combat forces above that required for the bestowal of the Iron Cross 1st Class, but not up to that required for the award of the Knights Cross. Approx. 30,000 were awarded, of which the Army and Waffen SS received approx. 17,000, the Luftwaffe and the Navy approx. 13,000.

This example is made by C.F. Zimmerman of Pforzheim (the number '20' stamped on the pin is the LDO number which gives the maker). Typically, these pieces were made by some half dozen jeweller quality manufacturers, the ordinary badge manufacturers not being up to making stuff of this complexity.

The piece is in excellent condition (the photos, through a little excess lighting, don't do it complete justice) and weighs 44g (the lightweight version). The paper covering of the box is in places somewhat fragile and damaged on the front of the lid, but at least it is an original box.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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I have now collected from depot and am very satisfied with the bayonet. Many thanks once again for your excellent service.

S H, UK, 04.02.2012

The medal is in superb condition and the pouch. Thanks very much, Chris.

M T, UK, 21.03.2007