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Title China 1900 medal
Nationality British
Period 1901

One clasp: RELIEF OF PEKIN. 'J.H. WELLER. ORD. H.M.S. ENDYMION'. (Ordinary Seaman). Sold with copy page from the roll for the China. NEF.

This medal was issued in silver to combatants in the Boxer Rebellion campaign of 1900, and in bronze to native bearers, drivers and servants. The international community was besieged by the Boxers, members of a secret society, aided and abetted by the Dowager Empress. The relieving force, consisting of contingents from Britain, France, Italy, Russia, Germany and Japan, was under the command of the German Field Marshal, Count von Waldersee. There were three bars given with this medal: Taku Forts, Relief of Pekin and Defence of Legations (the most desirable of the three).

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Delighted, absolutely delighted! Thank you very much.

W B, UK, 06.10.2011

Yes, arrived safe and sound, very nice, and very interesting. Have a couple of friends in the States slavering over the pictures, one of them loves searching old lists, etc. If I can tie it down more definitely will let you know.

N R, UK, 19.10.2005